World Health Day

World Health Day

Your Greatest Wealth is Only Health!

Every year the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day on 7th April. Established first in 1950, it also marks the founding day of WHO. One of the eight official global health campaigns marked by WHO, on this day doctors, volunteers, nutritionists reach out to people and spread awareness. This year WHO has decided to spread awareness about a critical aspect of health i.e. depression as it is affecting not only the adults but also the youth of the society.

Our busy lifestyles take a toll on us.Here are top 4 tips & tricks to keep you & your loved ones in the pink of health.

Your Mind, Your Master

You can live life to the fullest only when your mind is at peace. Excessive stress, anxiety and depression not only hamper your day to day activities but also lead to early ageing, heart diseases and many other ailments. Have healthy relationships, stay positive and calmly handle the ups and downs of your life. Whenever tensed or confused, talk to your loved ones. Do not hesitate to share.

Emphasise on Exercise

We all know how important it is to exercise on a daily basis. Try to indulge yourself in a light session of yoga, cycling or even meditation. If any of these do not fit in your schedule, try brisk walking. For all those glued to their desks, try stretching your legs and most importantly sit straight. Push and motivate yourself!

Be A Fit Foodie

Food not only pleases our taste buds but gives us eternal happiness. What we always ignore is - what does that plate of crispy fries, tangy-sweet chaat and slices of pizza do to our body. Switch the junk food with something nutritious. Binge on popcorn, rice puffs, salad greens, fruits and a handful of nuts when those hunger pangs kick in. Regularly sip some water, fresh juices, coconut water and green tea.

Lifestyle Goals

As our elders say, we need to live healthy to be healthy. Start with one small change a day - sit up straight, ditch the lift and take the stairs, try to have a good 8 hour sleep, maintain distance from your laptop screens and mobile phones. Instead of being glued to technology, take a walk outside or meditate. Quit what slowly kills you i.e. smoking and drinking. Stay happy and calm!

Make ‘HEALTHY’ a way of living
and not a goal!