How To Claim Warranty
Terms & Conditions of Warranty
Virat Pressure Cookers, Gas Stoves and cookware are covered by one (1) year warranty from manufacturing defects unless stated otherwise in the receipt. Warranty is not covered under the following conditions.
  • Improper use of the product by customer: Such as unauthorized modification, service or maintenance, change of part / component, using accessories not of the product, misuse of product. (failure in following instructions in the operation manual)
  • Force Majeure Event: Such as will of God, flood, fire, thunder strike, typhoon, earthquake etc.
  • Man Originated Damage: Such as dropping or knocking the product, failing proper maintenance (such as failure to replace the gasket and safety valve at proper intervals.)
  • Tempered Warranty Seals/ Labels: For products found defective after one week, please allow 10 to 40 days turnaround time depending on the supplier/distributor findings and actions.
Distributor/ Manufacturer findings are final and non negotiable.
How to repair minor repairs at home please visit our website
If the product is not repairable at home the customer should contact our customer care through Email id: or by call: +919313460767
When returning item for warranty, please provide detailed problem encountered and steps undertaken if any, for faster processing.
Please always provide proof of purchase like bill or cash memo or receipt when availing warranty.