Learn How to Pay & Accept Pyments with Paytm
  • Download Paytm app and sign up
  • Add money to your Paytm Wallet
  • Pay or send money using Paytm
  • Accept Payments using Paytm
  • Transfer money from Paytm to your bank account
Teach others how to pay and accept payments using Paytm
  • Who all can I teach?
    You can teach everyone including your family members, friends, neighbours, house-helps, nearby shops, etc.
  • What should I teach?
    1- Download the Paytm app on phone and help them to create a Paytm account
    2- Teach how to:
            - Add money
            - Send or pay money to another Paytm user
            - Accept payment from another Paytm user
            - Transfer money to bank
            - Other use cases of Paytm
  • How should I inform Paytm that I have taught someone how to use Paytm?
    Once you have taught someone how to use Paytm, send an SMS of the Paytm user’s mobile no. to 9958025050. This will ensure that we know you have enrolled a fellow Indian in the digital cash revolution.
    SMS Example: