Experiences at The Lost Party

Idhar – The Experimental Electronica Space
  • Cue. Scratch. Mix. Pause. Play. Drop. Beat. Groove. Move. Dance

Udhar – The Alternate Indie Space
  • Tune. Check. Sync. Jam. Improvise. Fade. Chorus. Sing. Feel. Sway.

Ghar – The Sharing Space
  • Chat. Toast. Share. Sleep. Jam. Gaze. Laze. Snuggle. Stay. Be.
    They say Home is where the heart and a wandering heart needs a wandering home. Ghar is our idea of home. It’s your zen space. It’s where you can just be.
  • Read a book from our library or just lounge on a sun bed.
  • Jam with your instrument or just paint a canvas.
  • Ghar is what you want it to be.
  • With a various activities and a 24 hour tapri, this house party never stops!

*Family is the one who helps set up. All campers are invited on the 26th February to help us build the festival and for the Homecoming Party
Nukkad – The Retroactive Space
Meet. Greet. Splash. Create. Roast. Stare. Chug. Chill. Play
Nukkad is your chill area. From brunches to the silent party to various other performances and workshops, Nukkad is the corner of the festival that never stops.

Event Details
  • HVOB Live – Vienna, Austria (Indie Dance/Nu Disco/Electronica)
  • Karsh Kale Soundsystem – Brooklyn, New York (Asian Underground/ Indian Classical/Folk/ Electronica/ Rock/ Pop/ Ambient Music)
  • Swanand Kirkire with Kabir Cafe-Bombay (Bollywood/Folk)
  • Fakear-Caen, France (Electronic Music)
  • Debruit-Brittany, France (Experimental Electro, Experimental Techno, Left-Field Hip-Hop, IDM)
  • Moglebaum-Cologne & Dusseldorf, Germany (Future Classical)
  • The Bartender-Bombay (Classic Bollywood/ And A Twist)
  • Lyre Le Temps-Strasbourg, France (Electro Swing/ Jazz)
  • Donn Bhatt+Passenger Revelator – Bombay/Delhi (Music Producer/Songwriter/Guitar player)
  • OX7GEN Live – Bombay (Drum&Bass)
  • Karl Hungus – Reunion Island (Trap/ House)
  • FuzzCulture – Delhi (Electronic-Rock)
  • Big City Harmonics – Pune (Intelligent Dance Music)
  • Vasuda Sharma and the Besharams – Bombay (Pop/ Pop-Rock/ Indian Fusion/ Alternative Rock/ Folk/ Blues)
  • The Sinepainter – Bangalore (Deep Electronic Music)
  • Paraphoniks with Naveen Gandharva – Bombay (Alternative Electronic Scene/ Bela Bahaar)
  • Aswekeepsearching – Ahmedabad (Post Rock/ Experimental)
  • Frame/Frame – Delhi (Ambient Electronica/ Bass/ Post Rock/ Techno)
  • Oceantied – Bangalore (Footwork/ Jungle)
  • Curtain Blue – Delhi (Electronica)
  • Bajje Squad – Bombay (Deep House/ Minimal/ Tech-House/ Progressive/ Techno)
  • Disco Puppet – Bangalore (Future Bass)
  • Burudu – Bombay (Electronica)
  • Bassister – Pune (Tribal)
  • Dark Circle Factory – Bombay (Urban Funk/ Electro/ Pop Rock/ Hip Hop)
  • Yesterdrive – Delhi (Alt Rock)
  • Spryk – Bombay (Future Music)
  • Karajimo – Delhi (Computer Music)
  • The Germaphobe – Bombay (Underground)
  • Humble The Poet – Toronto, Canada (Rap/Hip Hop)
  • Zokova – Delhi (Post-Rock)
  • Muxka Jar – Bombay (Trap n Bass/ Uk Bass/ Glitch Hop/ DnB/ Moombhacore/ UK garage/ Dubstep/ Grime/ Future Bass)
  • Saral – Bombay (Deep/ Tech House)
  • Tansane – Bombay (Down Tempo/ Trip Hop/ Drum&Bass/ Indie/ Deep/ Chillstep/ Dubstep/ Future/ Progressive House)
  • Sundog Project – Delhi (Electronic/Alternative/ Experimental/ Rock)