Pro Kabaddi League



Once considered as a sport for the rural, Kabaddi is now the second most popular sport in India. Despite of being a high intensity contact sport and the State game of Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar and Punjab, it reached to astounding heights when it was brought to the mainstream audience in the year 2014 with Pro Kabaddi League.

Pro Kabaddi League presented the modern, aggressive, powerful and competitive face of Kabaddi to the world. With millions of viewers for the initial seasons, the league became immensely popular and a household topic of discussion. After 4 successful seasons, Pro Kabaddi League is back with its 5th Season where 12 teams across the nation will tussle it out in 130 matches to become the invincible champions of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5!


Date Match1 (8PM) Match2 (9PM)
25-Aug MUM vs JAI KOL vs PAT
26-Aug PAT vs CHE MUM vs PUN
27-Aug KOL vs BLR MUM vs DEL
28-Aug Rest day Rest day
29-Aug BLR vs UP MUM vs GUJ
30-Aug MUM vs HAR -
31-Aug HYD vs CHE MUM vs JAI
22-23 Oct Playoffs Playoffs
Date Match1 (8PM) Match2 (9PM)
22-Sep DEL vs MUM -
23-Sep BLR vs KOL DEL vs PUN
24-Sep KOL vs CHE DEL vs HAR
25-Sep Rest day Rest day
26-Sep GUJ vs CHE DEL vs PAT
27-Sep HYD vs JAI DEL vs UP
28-Sep BLR vs MUM DEL vs HYD
22-23 Oct Playoffs Playoffs
Date Match1 (8PM) Match2 (9PM)
29-Sep CHE vs PUN GUJ vs PAT
30-Sep PUN vs UP CHE vs JAI
1-Oct JAI vs KOL CHE vs MUM
2-Oct Rest day Rest day
3-Oct DEL vs GUJ CHE vs HYD
4-Oct MUM vs HAR CHE vs UP
5-Oct CHE vs BLR -
26-28 Oct Playoffs Playoffs
Date Match1 (8PM) Match2 (9PM)
6-Oct JAI vs GUJ Wild card match
7-Oct Wild card match JAI vs MUM
8-Oct Wild card match JAI vs PUN
9-Oct Rest day Rest day
10-Oct Wild card match JAI vs DEL
11-Oct Wild card match JAI vs HAR
12-Oct Wild card match -
Date Match1 (8PM) Match2 (9PM)
28-Jul HYD vs CHE MUM vs PUN
29-Jul JAI vs DEL HYD vs PAT
30-Jul MUM vs HAR HYD vs BLR
31-Jul Rest day Rest day
1-Aug GUJ vs DEL HYD vs UP
2-Aug GUJ vs HAR HYD vs KOL
3-Aug HYD vs PAT -
Date Match1 (8PM) Match2 (9PM)
1 Sep KOL vs PAT -
2-Sep GUJ vs HAR KOL vs UP
3-Sep GUJ vs JAI KOL vs CHE
4-Sep Rest day Rest day
5-Sep PAT vs JAI KOL vs HAR
6-Sep DEL vs BLR KOL vs MUM
7-Sep HYD vs PUN KOL vs DEL


Every match of Kabaddi is of a minimum 40 minutes between 7 players on ground. The team that wins the toss shall have the choice to raid or court first. The game in the second half shall continue with the same number of players as it was at the end of the first half.

In Pro Kabaddi League, each team shall consist of minimum 10 and maximum 12 Players. Only 7 Players shall take the ground at a time. Each team is required to have 2 overseas players in their playing team. Only in the case of a team fielding 10 players as their playing squad, a minimum of 1 overseas player shall be allowed in the squad.

The team which chooses to raid will send a lone raider to face a 7-men defensive unit. The raider is supposed to chant "Kabaddi" when the 30-second raid is in play and he can be declared out in case he is not keeping the proper approved cant of "Kabaddi" (The repeated stretch and clear sound of the approved word Kabaddi within the course of one respiration and maximum 30 seconds is called a ‘Cant’). The raider can also be declared out by the Umpire or Referee if he starts the cant late.

Every raid shall be productive either by scoring points or technical points, self out or the raider being caught. Even if an anti (Every player in whose court the raid is being made shall be called Anti or Anti Raider) becomes self out, the raid shall be considered as over and the raider’s side will be given a point. If the raider returns safely without scoring anything or with a productive raid to his court, the opponent team will be given a point. If any raid lasts more than 30 seconds, the opponent team shall be given a point.

After a raider has reached his side of the court, the opponents shall send their raider within 5 seconds. Each side is supposed to send their raider until it's the end of the game or unless a struggle takes place in a raid. In case the raider fails to start his raid within 5 seconds the team loses its chance to raid and the opponent team is given a technical point.