Paytm Automatic

Tired of remembering to recharge before you run out of talk time? Now we’ll do it for you.

How to use
This might help!
  1. 1Place a recharge order at just as you do usually. Once your order is successful, you will see the Auto Recharge Option.
  2. 2Click on the dropdown to select the preferred repeat recharge duration.
  3. 3When you proceed, you will be asked your preferred mode of payment. You can select a credit card or Paytm Wallet. Please note, by default we will always debit your wallet first.
  4. 4In case you plan to add a credit card, Re.1 will be charged to your card to authenticate this card. This Rs. 1 shall be automatically added to your Paytm Wallet.
  5. 5As soon as you pick your payment mode, our system will schedule a recharge for the same amount as the first order after a duration selected in the drop-down. Happy Recharging!

Can I set up the auto recharge without having to recharge first?

No! Our system needs to repeat an order, hence it needs to have a successful recharge order first.

Can I use netbanking or debit card for this?

Not yet! However, since you can select your Paytm Wallet as a mode of payment, you can use netbanking/debit card to add money in the wallet for Paytm Automatic to work.

How do I cancel a scheduled recharge?

You can go to Scheduled Recharges section in Your account and cancel an upcoming recharge or cancel the entire subscription.

What is the validity of this scheduled recharge?

We will keep recharging on your behalf till you cancel the subscription. However, if one of your orders fail, we will halt your subscription there and then.

How do I know that my order has gone through?

You will get an email, SMS and a push notification on successful automatic recharge of your mobile.

When does the automatic recharge go through?

All automatic recharges for the day will be initiated between 9-10 am. If not successful at the first attempt, the system will try again.