oppo f3 plus

Dual Selfie Camera
One for Selfie, One for the Groupfie

To provide the best selfie experience to users, the F3 Plus sports dual front camera – one 16 MP camera and one 8 MP 120° wide angle camera. With two cameras, users will be able to snap a classic solo shot when they’re in the mood, but also include the whole group when they’re capturing memories with friends or family. Meanwhile, Beautify 4.0 and gives even more options to capture head-turning selfies.

  • 16MP Front Camera
  • 120° Wide-angle Camera
  • Beautify 4.0

16MP Front Camera

Supports a superb 16 MP camera with a 1/3 inch sensor, F2.0 aperture, and making for sensitive, low-noise shots. In low-light conditions, the camera will also ensure users get bright and beautiful selfies day or night.

120° Wide-angle Camera

OPPO designed a customized 120° wide angle front camera, able to capture a tiwce larger broader view than standard 80°cameras. The camera uses a tailor-made 6P lens module, which adjusts the path of light to minimize image distortion and maximize clarity. What’s more, the F3 Plus has a smart facial recognition feature, and after detecting more than three faces in frame, it will prompt users to switch to the 120° wide angle camera.

120° Wide-angle Camera

16MP Rear Camera
Capture Your Life as Clearly as
It Happens

At the center of the F3 Plus’ rear camera prowess is the all-new Sony IMX398 sensor, a customized 1/2.8 inch sensor that Sony developed exclusively for OPPO. With this sensor and an extra-wide F1.7 aperture, its rear camera offers phenomenal focusing speed, noise reduction and low-light performance, allowing users to snap breathtakingly clear and beautiful images at a moment’s notice.

  • Dual PDAF Focusing Technology
  • F 1.7 Aperture0

Dual PDAF Focusing Technology

The F3 Plus’ camera uses Dual PDAF (phase detection autofocus) technology, a next-generation upgrade to standard PDAF solutions. Dual PDAF doubles the area of the sensor’s pixel array that’s equipped with the special photodiodes necessary for phase-detection autofocus, making for 40% faster focus speeds even in low light and producing crystal-clear images.

F 1.7 Aperture
Low Noise Even in Low Light

The F3 Plus sports an extra-wide F1.7 aperture, which captures roughly 60% more light than the previous generations (F2.2). This means users will be snapping brilliantly detailed photos with low noise even in low-light conditions.

Ultra-fine “Six-String” Antenna Lines
Improved Wi-Fi Performance

Inspired by musical notation, OPPO designers have innovated an exceptionally thin and stylish new antenna line design. The thick white bands that traverse the backs of most phones have been replaced with two sets of three ultra-fine lines, each measuring only 0.3 mm.

But the fresh look also comes paired with stronger performance than ever. The F3 Plus is equipped to operate on six frequency ranges, and built-in a wifi amplifer, it dynamically choosing the best one for both 4G and Wi-Fi signals, no matter what hand position users favor.

Meticulous Design
Let the Details Talk

The best phone worths very careful polishing, equipped with a 6 inches Corning®Gorilla ® Glass 5 and only 1.78 mm narrow bezel, and the 0.3mm ultra-fine “Six-String” antenna lines, F3 Plus weighs only 185g. As for the whole body, as well as every unique details to give you the best phone this time.

Upgraded Touch Access
Fast, Accurate, Responsive

The F3 Plus uses an advanced solid-state fingerprint reader, so that only a slight touch is enough to unlock the device. Equipped with a hyrdrophobic membrane that uses the same principle as a naturally water-resistant lotus leaf, the fingerprint reader has an enhanced success rate even when a user’s fingers are moist.

VOOC Flash Charge
Five Minutes Charging,
Two Hours Talking Time

The F3 Plus sports a 4,000 mAh battery backed with OPPO’s industry-leading VOOC Flash Charge. It also uses cutting-edge power-saving optimizations, intelligently managing a user’s favorite applications to make sure they’re ready when they’re needed and not eating power when they’re not.

Seamlessly, Snappy, Fast

Running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and upgraded ColorOS 3.0, the F3 Plus multitasks like a dream. Plus, with its 64GB of onboard storage, expandable by an additional 256 GB, users will have plenty of room for the beautiful shots they take.