Ever wondered of a superpower of being able to sniff out the clues? Well, our youngest spy ever- 8 year old Sunny Gill is just what you need to know about. Suffering with a blocked nose ever since the beginning, the child never had a sense of smell.
But then came a historic freak accident in the form of a sneeze! The sneeze not only clears out a lifetime of mucus, but gives Sunny the most refined sense of smell ever. Unbelievably, the entire dog squad of the country's police force cannot sniff what he can. But is that enough for Sunny and his young pals Jia & Jaanu to combat a menacing & ruthless gang of car thieves? What starts out with tracing a single missing car in the housing society, ends up busting the heftiest car racket in the country.
No villain could ever be as unlikely. But then, neither could the gang of detectives!


Baby Sunny Gill

Surekha Sikri

Sushmita Mukherjee

Manmeet Singh


Directed by

Amole Gupte

Written by

Amole Gupte

Screenplay by

Amole Gupte

The Youngest Spy-In-The-Making