The Angry Birds Movie UA

1 hr 37 mins 27 May 2016 English

Set in the untouched paradise of Bird Island, the movie starts with naïve and innocent birds inhabiting the island. Being almost unaware of the outside world, they treasure eggs above all else and are carefree and easygoing, except a few.

One of these birds is Red, who is considered a social outcast from childhood and has had anger issues from the very beginning. As his outbursts become too much, he is sentenced to anger management courses where he learns about other misfit birds with similar problems.

But suddenly the island is invaded with mysterious green piggies that are dumb yet funny. While the other birds befriend the piggies easily, Red seems to see them with an eye of distrust. Ultimately, the piggies reveal their true side and Red leads the entire flock for seeking revenge from them.


Directed by

Clay Kaytis, Fergall Reilly

Written By

Jon Vitti

Produced by

John Cohen, Catherine Winder


Jason Sudeikis

Josh Gad

Danny McBride

Maya Rudolph

Bill Hader

Peter Dinklage