Shorgul UA

2 hrs 12 mins24 June 2016Hindi

Set in Uttar Pradesh, Shorgul is a political drama that throws light on real events that rocked headlines across the nation. The movie gives a picture of various corrupt politicians and religious scandals that took place in the country.

The film also brings into focus the theme of love being pulverized in the hands of religious ego. These events together become a critical matter and take an unexpected turn, making it the national issue in question.


Directed by

Jitendra Tiwari, Pranav Kumar Singh

Story by

Jitendra Tiwari

Produced by

Swatantra Vijay Singh, Vyas Verma


Jimmy Shergill

Suha Gezen

Ashutosh Rana

Sanjay Suri

Narendra Jha