Madaari U/A

2 Hrs 13 Mins22nd July 2016Hindi

A rumour driven by the social media hits all over the country, stating that the ten year old son of the Home Minister has been kidnapped. Some believe this rumour, others express total disbelief as they think that the powerful cannot be touched in this nation.

As the rumours yet unconfirmed by the PMO turn out to be true, it is established that Rahul has been kidnapped on the way back from a nightly excursion. As the HM and his advisors take charge of the investigation and try to figure out the kidnappers, the kidnapper himself gets in touch with them.

He is just another father whose son has gone missing, we do not know where. All he wants from them is to find his son and in exchange he would return the HM's son. A usual techie by profession, the kidnapper has reached a state of madness where death and consequences do not scare him anymore.

As the cat and mouse game to catch him continues and the increasingly fickle sympathies of the public oscillate between one father at one time and the other at another, a shocking fact comes out of it all.


Directed by

Nishikant Kamat

Story by

Shailja Kejriwal, Ritesh Shah

Produced by

Irrfan Khan, Shailesh Singh, Madan Paliwal, Sutapa Sikdar, Shailja Kejriwal


Irrfan Khan

Vishesh Bansal

Jimmy Shergill

Tushar Dalvi

Nitesh Pandey

Sadhil Kapoor