Veera Satyanarayana

Veera Satyanarayana V

City: Bhimavaram
District: West Godavari
State: Andhra Pradesh

Veera is from Bhimavaram, a city in Andhra Pradesh. He works at a private firm and loves to watch movies and play chess in his free time. So far, Veera has taught more than 10 people how to use Paytm and pledges to bring more fellow Indians in the digital revolution!

Q. What is the most common thing you've heard about Paytm?

A. It is very easy to learn and use Paytm!

Q. What are the 2 features in Paytm app that people find most useful?

A. How to pay and receive money using Paytm. I have seen a lot of people shopping through Paytm.

Q. What made you participate in this program?

A. I have been using Paytm for a long time now. When I saw the newspaper ad, I started teaching immediately to help people in my neighbourhood.

Q. How many people do you teach in a week?

A. At least 10 Paytm users

Q. Finally, do you have any message or a handy tip that you will like to share with others?

A. If you have time and are already using Paytm, join the revolution and start helping people around you; it is very easy.