Pranay Reddy

Pranay Reddy

City: Hyderabad
District: Hyderabad
State: Telangana

Pranay is from Hyderabad-Telangana. He is a B. Tech fresher and loves to use android tech apps and travel. So far, Pranay has taught 44 people about how to use Paytm and pledges to bring more fellow Indians in the digital revolution!

Q. What is the most common thing you've heard about Paytm?

A. It is very easy to learn and use Paytm!

Q. What are the 2 features in Paytm app that people find most useful?

A. It is easy to make payment at a shop through QR code. Also, sending money to bank is instant.

Q. What made you participate in this program?

A. To spread awareness about digital and cashless economy and help family and friends understand the benefit of cashless transactions by using Paytm app

Q. How many people do you teach in a week?

A. At least 10 Paytm users

Q. Finally, do you have any message or a handy tip that you will like to share with others?

A. Always show your own wallet transactions to make people understand how Paytm works and sharing your own experience. It builds their confidence and trust in Paytm.