Nagaraj Nadarajan

Nagaraj Nadarajan

City: Vellore
District: Vellore
State: Tamil Nadu

Nagaraj Nadarajan is from Vellore, Tamil Nadu. He is a Junior Training officer at a Government firm. He loves to read books, write poems, play cricket and surf the Internet in his free time. So far, Nagaraj Nadarajan has taught 37 people and pledges to help more people in using Paytm!

Q. What is the most common thing you've heard about Paytm?

A. Paytm is the key solution that will help India in going cashless.

Q. What are the 2 features in Paytm app that people find most useful?

A. That we do not need to stand in the queue at a bank or an ATM for money. We can also transfer money to anyone instantly.

Q. What made you participate in this program?

A. My participation is entirely driven by the Cashless India and demonetization move by the Government.

Q. How many people do you teach in a week?

A. I make sure that I am teaching as many people as possible whenever I find time.

Q. Finally, do you have any message or a handy tip that you will like to share with others?

A. Paytm is free! So Paytm karo aur Paytm karao.