Jithesh A C

Jithesh A.C

City: Thrissur
District: Thrissur
State: Kerela

Jitesh is from Thrissur in Kerala. He is a businessman and loves to participate in awaresness campaigns, such as Digital India, Skill India, etc . So far, Jithesh has taught more than 10 people how to use Paytm and pledges to promote the Each One, Teach One programme in his region.

Q. What is the most common thing you've heard about Paytm?

A. In the past, we only used Paytm for recharges and online shopping. After demonetisation, I see more people using Paytm to pay at shops.

Q. What are the 2 features in Paytm app that people find most useful?

A. People generally ask me about security and QR code related features.

Q. What made you participate in this program?

A. I saw an advertisement of the Each One, Teach One programme in newspaper and decided to take part in it. Like I said earlier, I want to create awareness about how secure, convenient and easy Paytm is.

Q. How many people do you teach in a week?

A. More than 10 Paytm users

Q. And what do you tell them?

A. I assure them that it is as safe as their bank account, and that Paytm is approved by RBI.

Q. Finally, do you have any message or a handy tip that you will like to share with others?

A. When teaching other people, inform them how using Paytm is more convenient and easy than a debit/credit card or other digital wallet.