Light Weight

The LG Gram is one of the lightest laptops ever. It provides size without the weight and is actually lighter than two cups of coffee! With its revolutionary design, it offers a 35.5cm screen but weighs under 1kg, making it easy to take a large-screen laptop anywhere you go.

Big Screen

Along with a Full HD(1920x1080) IPS Display, 14(35.5 cm) widescreen with a 0.26mm super slim bezel offers the utmost immersion and the most vivid picture quality within a 13(33.02 cm) body.

Strong Construction

The 0.6 thin LG Gram is made of a magnesium alloy for a durable design that stands up to everday life.


For impressive performance and improved processing power, the LG Gram comes with the 6th generation, i5 Intel Core Processor, Window 10 and 8GB RAM with a 256GB SSD.

Hi-Fi Audio

With the LG Gram, you can experience Hi-Fi quality sound with less noise and distortion. Just plug into the headphone jack, and listen to sound at what's known as 'better than CD-quality' audio.

Reader Mode

Reader Mode provides optimal reading conditions by reducing eye fatigue when reading on screen.