How to Select?

Choosing your child's bike can seem like a daunting task especially if you go through the number of choices out there. Bikes are easily available according to the age and interest of your child.

Bikes for children are apparently different from those of adults. For adult bikes, we use the size of the frame as reference while for kids, we use the diameter of the wheel as the reference point. So it is important to have an estimate of child's height and the length of his/her legs so as to find the best bike for him/her. A child's feet should easily touch the round and they should be able to grasp the handle with ease.

The size of the correct bicycle is determined by the height of your child. The two ways to determine the correct size is to either consider the complete height of your child or the length of their legs. If the two measurements lead to different bicycles you need to take a call on what is more appropriate for your child's needs.

To help you with sizes and choices,
we have come up with a helpful chart:

Types of Bicycles for Kids

1. Balance Bikes These are usually available for children age 2-5 years. These do not have pedals and are used to get children accustomed to balancing and inertia and just get comfortable with bikes. Instead of pedals, few bikes come with training wheels that allow children to get used to the idea of riding a cycle without the risk of accidents.

2. Single Geared bikes: These are the most common bikes out there. On this bike, the pedals move along with the wheel. There are no gear functions and allow the rider to coast, but they are mostly good for riding on smooth surfaces only.

3. Multi-geared bikes: These have multiple gears and lesser agility so as to have a great control while riding. It's good for climbing and unstable terrain. Most children's bicycles will be single geared.

4. Foldable bikes: These bikes are used for convenience of travel. They are easily assembled and folded and carried around. They are quite convenient for the city as they do not require a lot of storage space and can be easily taken to parks etc.

Most importantly your child should be comfortable on a bike and should want to ride it. Their level of excitement makes or breaks them as riders. So ensure that along with the right size you also choose a bike that appeals to your child aesthetically. For this reason bikes come in many different varieties and combinations and with so many accessories.

Choose accessories from baskets to headlights and different bells as well. These customizations make the bike uniquely the property of its owner. They add character and utility to the bike.