Terms & Conditions:-
  • 1. This offer is only valid for purchases made between 1st September 2015 – 8th October 2015.
  • 2. Offer is valid only on select models of HP Consumer Tower /All-in-one desktops in India.
  • 3. Claim will be processed only if the Name on the invoice, Identity Proof and the name registered on the registration site is same.
  • 4. All customer queries regarding the offer can be directed as per the following:
  • a) Email: notebook@redemptionsupport.com
  • b) Website: www.redemptionsupport.com (enter your redemption code to check the status of your claim)
  • c) Callback: If you want to talk to our representative, send the following SMS to 53030.we will give you a callback within 4 hours.
  • d) SMS : Send the following SMS to 53030 : CLAIM
  • 5. For any service/performance issues regarding the software’s, customers need to contact Unistal service center for any help.
  • Unistal 24 x 6 Toll Free Support: 1800 – 102 – 5400.
Redemption Process Online:-
  • 1. Log on to www.hpshopping.in/desktopfestival2015 and register on or before 9th October 2015 to avail the offer.
  • 2. Select the offer while registering. Upon registration, you will get a Redemption Code. Please save it and use it for all
  • 3. Within 72 Hours, you will get an order confirmation email which will contain the amount that is to be paid basis the offers selected by you during registration. You need to perform the below steps 4-7 on or before 20th October.
  • 4. After receiving the Order Confirmation Email, go to www.redemptionsupport.com. Enter the Redemption code to go to claim status page.
  • 5. Click on Online Claim Submission button.
  • 6. Upload the correct documents against each of the fields mentioned:
  • a) Attach Copy Of invoice.
  • b) Attach copy of id proof.
  • c) Attach Copy Of serial nos.
  • 7. On clicking Next button, you will be taken to the payment gateway. Follow the steps mentioned to make the payment
  • 8. On successful payment, you will receive 2 emails.
  • a) Payment Confirmation from redemptionsupport.com website.
  • b) Auto-generated Payment Confirmation from payment gateway vendor EBS.
  • 9. Solutions (a div. of TLG India Pvt. Ltd.) will then validate the documents and send an Order Approval Email within 3 days which will Contain details & timeline of gift mail.