Hero of the Week

Hero of the Week #1

FSE Yashkant Kaushik from Meerut educates 600 people about Paytm in one go

Yashkant has always been active within the circle of community leaders of Meerut. He activated his contacts for the benefit of Paytm, and got together with the local community leaders, soon after demonetization. He saw people getting hit by cash crunch and advised Paytm as a solution to beat the cash blues. With the help of community leaders, he was able to quickly organize 6 Awareness camps across Meerut. Each of these camps was attended by 50-100 people where the people attending were educated about Paytm and their KYC done. Till now, through 6 such camps, Yashkant has been able to educate close to 600 people about Paytm, while at the same time generating publicity about the event in the local media to grab eyeballs. He was even able to generate merchant leads for himself and other team members from these camps. The camps continue happening even now across Meerut, further widening the scope of his contribution every day.

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Yashkant, we are proud of you!