This document aims at giving an overview on the first step of merchant on-boarding process, i.e. merchant id / account creation, and merchant’s sign up and login into that account.

Merchant id creation
Merchants can be created by one of the following ways on the admin panel (seller.paytm.com) :

  1. Single merchant creation: By filling in the merchant details
  2. Bulk merchant creation: By uploading a CSV of merchant details.
  3. SalesForce lead to merchant creation: By providing either a single SalesForce lead id or a CSV of lead ids.

Merchant login and signup
Once the merchant id is created, the merchant has to create his / her login account on the seller panel (seller.paytm.com). This is done by the following steps:

  1. Merchant has to access the seller panel seller.paytm.com, and click on Login / Signup.
  2. Merchant has to provide his primary email id in the login popup. The login system is called Persona. This email will be used for accessing the seller panel.
  3. For first time access, i.e. during signup, the merchant will have to set a password of his choice. This will be the password used for accessing the seller panel.
  4. For first time access, merchant will receive a confirmation link on the email id he gave in the second step above. He has to click on this link to authenticate himself on the seller panel.
  5. For subsequent access, i.e. during login, the merchant has to use his email id and password to access the seller panel. The login system has option to remember the login for a month.
  6. Merchant’s phone number will not be used for login from now on. It can be changed as per merchant’s requirement.

What if the merchant uses another valid email to signup in seller panel, which is not his primary id?

Merchant would not be able to access his account on the seller panel. This is because his account is mapped with his primary email id only.

What if the merchant doesn’t receive confirmation link in his email id?

This can happen with some email ids. The login system Persona is not able to send mails to some email providers. In such a case, raise the issue with tech, i.e. Dileep Kumar and Vindhya Chhabra . Tech will manually generate the confirmation link and share it with you. You can then send the link to the merchant’s email id. If such cases become very frequent, we will build this feature in the admin panel.

What if the merchant wants to change his primary email id?

  • As explained above, primary email id should never be changed for a merchant. Please ask the merchant the reason behind asking for this change.
    If the merchant wants to change the email to have a new login / access to his account, then that can be done by mapping the new email id with his account. For this, go to the admin panel > Users tab, and provide the merchant id and the new email id. The merchant will then have to signup with that new email id, using the same steps which are given above under signup and login. For better control, the access to this feature is restricted to Nitish Kumar and Harleen Kaur . Note that the merchant will continue to receive communication and updates on his primary email id.
  • If the merchant wants to change the email so that he receives communication and updates on the new email, then that can be done by changing the alternate email id of the merchant in the admin panel. All communication is marked to the alternate email id. In case you need to provide multiple alternate email ids, you can do that by giving a comma separated list (the maximum character limit allowed is 200 characters). Again, note that the primary email id will continue to receive the communication mails.
    In rarest cases where primary email id has to be changed at all costs, please contact tech, i.e. Akhilesh Garg . Very soon, this feature will be built in the panel and access will be restricted to Nitish and Harleen.

What if the merchant wants to change his phone number?

This can be done in the admin panel.

What if the merchant forgets his password that he used during signup?

There’s a Forgot Password feature built in the new login system. So the merchant has to go to the seller panel and click on Login/Signup. When the popup asks for the password, there’s a link that says “Forgot your password?”. If the merchant clicks on this link, he will receive a password reset link on his email id. He can use that to reset his password.