Diljit Dosanjh Live In Concert guide

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About the EVENT

Punjab's heartthrob Diljit Dosanjh is entering 2019 with a bang! Catch him live as he begins his India tour in Gurgaon and watch him perform some of his popular songs like Ikk Kudi, Patiala Peg, 5 Taara, Raat Di Gedi, El Sueno, Laembadgini, Do You Know and many more.

About the Artist

Actor, a singer, television presenter and social media sensation Diljit Dosanjh, broke into the mainstream with the iconic role inspector Sartaj Singh, in the film Udta Punjab (2016), directed by Abhishek Chaubey, starring next to actresses Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and actor Shahid Kapoor. Passionate about music from an early age, Diljit has managed to make a huge mark in the Punjabi music industry with hits like “Do You Know,” “Laembadgini,” and “Naughty Billo.” He started his professional career in his teenage years as an entertainer and now has fans across the world, selling out arenas in cities like London. His tracks have become dance floor anthems, and ladies can’t enough of his boyish charm, making him the center of the current media limelight.