Electronics Bazaar Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Assured Buyback are given below:
  • The assured buyback will be non-transferable.
      Only the device that was originally sold by Paytm will be accepted by EB.
  • The device should be in Working and Non – Damaged condition as defined below
          Product must switch on
          All controls and inputs should perform desired function
          Battery must consume power
          Device to be intact with no damage to display or body
  • All accessories to be provided in working condition.
  • An amount of Rs.500 to be reduced when accessories are not provided.
  • Packaging to be done in original box by customer
      Alternatively, any other tamper proof material like bubble wrap or foam sheets can be used for packaging.
  • Doorstep QC will be performedr
      IMEI / Serial number should match with product originally purchased
      Any additional checks may be performed by executive
  • All security locks like passcode, fingerprint, and facial recognition should be removed by customer.
  • Data should be wiped off by customer before handling the device.
  • EB will not be responsible for recovering any data.
  • A customer will be asked to fill a declaration form as a proof of sale.
  • No claims of ownership can be made once assured buyback deal is completed.
  • For Assured Buy Back - Please fill in details here