Our Vision

“A company is worth the company it keeps.” – Vijay Shekhar Sharma

We are on the road to making an enormous impact to the economic foundation of the country. We want
millions to accompany us and benefit from this journey.
We want to make a positive difference by empowering the lives that we touch.

Our Approach

We intend to reach every inch of the country and en-route, empower small enterprises. We commit
to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. We hope to use
our influence to garner financial & other support for disaster victims & the underprivileged.

We do our best to compensate negative effect on the environment. We wish to share our technical
knowledge with the deserving to empower them.

We believe in providing equal opportunity for all our people, as well as those whom we come
across in our course of work.

We have Stood For

  • Donation to Bhopal Gas Tragedy Survivors

  • Independence Day Campaign for the future of India- Skill training of youth

  • Blood Donation Camp

  • Joy of Giving Week

2014 – Donation to Bhopal Gas Tragedy Survivors

Paytm did this campaign from 1st to 9th December. Its users participated by buying the donation coupons while placing their recharge orders. The coupons were of Rs. 50, 100, 250 & 500. The funds collected will be donated to “The Bhopal Medical Appeal” towards the rehabilitation of the Bhopal Tragedy survivors.

2014: I-Day Campaign for the
future of India

On the occasion of India’s
68th Independence Day, 68%
of Paytm’s profit on 15th
August went towards
the skill development of
underprivileged, deserving
youngsters through Milaap.

2014: Blood
Donation Camp

We organised a
Blood Donation
camp in July at our
office with the help
of Rotary Noida
Blood Bank. 188
of our employees
donated their blood.

2009: Joy of Giving week

In October of the year, we participated in Joy of Giving week with Radio Mirchi
and Goonj to collect and contribute old jeans, clothes and other items. These
items ultimately were distributed by Goonj to the disaster hit areas of the

  • Micro loans for the underprivileged

  • Blanket Donation drive

  • Carbon Credits system for our e-Waste

  • J&K Floods Campaign

2012: Micro loans for the underprivileged

In February, we launched this initiative for Milaap, the online micro-lending
portal where users could make a contribution every time they recharged at

2012: Blanket Donation drive

In the cold month of December, we did a Blanket Donation Drive within the
company, where the collections made by our employees were used to buy
blankets and distributed on the streets

2014 – Carbon Credits system for our e-Waste

We contribute to the environment by reducing our carbon
footprint through an internationally recognized system of
carbon credits. Our old out-of-use servers, computers etc,
which is our e-waste, we give it away to a licensee company, in
exchange for carbon credits. This company breaks our e-waste
down into re-usable components and recycle them.

This is our step in the direction of reducing green house gas
emissions and going green.

Saving Resources

We have sensors fixed in all our taps in all our office
buildings that control the quantity of water flowing out. We
sensitize our people regularly to avoid wastage & report

It is well ingrained in our culture to switch off a light when seen
being wasted. Our offices always have large windows that bring
in natural light all through the day. We switch on the lights only
when it is required.

We sensitize our people to use both sides of paper and print
only when necessary.

2014: J&K Floods Campaign

September 2014 saw J&K in the grip of the worst floods in decades. To help the People stuck there, we mounted this campaign and again asked our customers to donate & we promised to match it Rupee for Rupee. Our customers contributed Rs. 16,80,230, and we added the same to make a corpus of Rs. 33,60,460, which was donated to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

Besides this, our employees contributed goods of use to be sent to the state.

  • Republic Day Campaign for the underprivileged soldiers & families

  • Uttarakhand Floods Campaign

  • Diwali Campaign for the Blind

2014: Republic-Day Campaign for the
underprivileged soldiers & families

On the occasion of India’s Republic Day, we
contributed the profit made on 26th to the
cause of supporting disabled children and
widows/ dependents of soldiers of the Indian Army.

2013: Uttarakhand Floods Campaign

Uttarakhand was devastated with sudden floods in the summer of 2013. We
appealed to our Paytm customers to come forward and donate for the cause. We
raised Rs. 10,09,931 and matched the amount to contribute Rs. 20,19,862 to the
Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Diwali Campaign for the Blind

During Diwali in November, we contributed Diwali profits of 2 days – 2nd and 3rd
Nov to light up the world of the Blind. The funds were donated to the National
Association of the Blind, Delhi Center for the education and sustenance of the
blind girls.