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Amritsari Acharimasala noodles

Amritsar is a food lover’s paradise that has given birth to many cuisines and dishes. It has inspired us to creat MAGGI Amritsari Achari Masala Noodles - a blend of quintessential achari spice giving your favourite MAGGI Noodles a tangy pickled twist.

Mumbaiya Chatakmasala noodles

Mumbai - be it culture, people & food - is chatakdaar. Presenting MAGGI Mumbai Chatak Masala Noodles - a mix of zesty piquant spices like star anise, clove, cinnamon and kasuri methi giving your favourite MAGGI Noodles a Mumbaiya twist.

Super Chennai masala noodles

Spices define Southern Indies, be it cultivation or centrality to cuisine. Our ode to this is MAGGI Super Chennai Masala Noodles - combining the aromatic flavours of curry leaves, red chillies, tamarind and sambhar spices with your favourite MAGGI Noodles.

Bengali Jhaal masala noodles

Bengal - the land of exquisite intricacy! Take “Panch Phoran” for example - a signature blend of 5 spices that adorn every Bangla kitchen. We have made MAGGI Bengali Jhaal Masala Noodles by seasoning your favourite MAGGI Noodles with Panch Phoran.

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