Car Audio & GPS Installation ProcessInstallation is available for order placed on or before 31st August 2016
Car Audio & GPS Installation Process
Buy car audio & GPS from Paytm:
  • Buy Car Audio & GPS above Rs 4000 on Paytm.
  • Product is delivered to your desired location.
Book an appointment after product delivery:
  • Email the soft copy of the invoice to
  • Mention Car Make & Model year.
  • Mention desired location for the fitment.
  • Book the appointment at a time which is convenient for you.
  • Call our installation experts, AXA Assistance India, at 0120-4670720 between 9AM to 6PM (Mon- Sat) for Installation services.
Installation at your doorstep:
  • The certified installation experts will complete the installation within 72 working hours (after your request for installation).
Doorstep Installation:
  • We provide the installation services at your home, office or anyplace you want.
Serviced by Experts:
  • Our certified installation experts provide the best installation service with a 3 month guarantee on the fitment.
Across India:
  • The installation services are available across India.
Terms & Conditions of free Car Audio Installation Services free for Paytm customers:
  • Offer Is applicable on Car Audio & GPS above Rs 4000 from
  • Total Bill Value refers to the Selling price of the products as mentioned in the invoice.
  • Offer is applicable on purchase of Car Audio & GPS product/s from on or after July 13th 2015.
  • Installation service would be provided by AXA-Assistance India, who is the preferred installation partners of
  • Installation Request can be booked between 9am to 6pm between Monday to Saturday by calling AXA at 0120-4670720 post product delivery.
  • Installation service is available across India.
  • Installation Services can be available between 10 am to 7 pm only within the municipal limits of the city of product delivery.
  • Installation process will be delivered within 72 hours of booking a request.
  • It’s mandatory for the customer to mail over a copy of purchase invoice to post product delivery to initiate the installation.
  • Any additional accessories required (such as connectors, wiring etc) apart from the ones available in the product package will would be considered as consumables and will be charged on actuals.
  • Installation service provided will have a warranty for a 90 days period starting from the day of the installation.
  • In case of any issue with regard to installation within the 90 day period, the customer can log a complaint by calling AXA at 0120 4670720.
  • Installation warranty will apply only on the connection/installation and any issue regarding the product needs to be directly raised with the respective brand.
  • All connections where Plug & Play is not applicable, the Technician would be doing this using a Solder with Heat Shrink or a Crimp Connecter, the same might include the use of additional consumables.
  • If the customer chooses to use their own consumables or requests the technician to join the same using tape then installation warranty will be voided due to the same.
  • If the Vehicle does not have a Ready to use Head Unit space or Speaker Spaces or other identified spaces applicable or has non-standard factory openings for Audio product/s purchased then necessary Dash Kit & suitable fixtures would be chargeable at actual cost where best effort would be made to ensure minimal deformation is performed whether to fit the Dash Kit of to Drill any Screws in for Fixators with no liability for deformation & drilling.
  • Installation warranty will be void if changes to the Car Audio systems are done outside of AXA Assistance India installation services.
  • Speaker Harness & Speaker Brackets would be chargeable extra unless already supplied in package of product purchased.
  • Best efforts to procure acoustical treatment products like CLD (deadener), mass loaded vinyl (barrier), and closed cell foam on request will be made however no guarantee is given on same to be available.
  • Any extra effort or job apart from installation of primary product/s will not be entertained.
  • If there are any Wiring faults or burnt wires or Twist Tape or any fuses are connected by wire in car then the installation will be done with consent of the customer however Installation Warranty will be void.
  • AXA-ASSISTANCE INDIA and Paytm shall not carry any liability for damage that is already caused or may be caused during the un-installation or assimilation process of old audio system & components.
  • Technician shall try and ensure to provide service within the stipulated time, however neither AXA-ASSISTANCE INDIA or Paytm shall be held responsible or invite any form of liability for any delay caused by conditions beyond the control of company like traffic jams, riots, roadblock, route diversion or bad weather conditions or non-availability of any adaptors or components where Manufacturer’s warranty & Guarantee will kick in.
  • Any product ordered by consumer that is found damaged through, during or post installation then liability is solely of the manufacturer where AXA-ASSISTANCE INDIA do not carry or cover any liability.
  • Free installation service is an add on service recommended by however the customer can opt not to avail the same.
  • is not liable for the installation services provided.
  • Installation service can be availed within 30 days from the date of purchase.