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HD Ready – This is for budget buyers & supports a resolution of 720p. You would get quality resolution for your DVDs and TV shows.

Full HD – This supports a resolution of up to 1080p (typical resolution 1920 x 1080). This is by far the highest selling HDTV at the moment. This would allow you to watch full HD content and all TV programs at the highest resolution.

Ultra HD (4K TVs) - Also known as UHD TVs, this is at present the newest and best resolution available . They provide about 4 times the resolution of HD TVs and produce stunningly clear, crisp and detailed images. Another advantage of UHD TVs is HDR (High Dynamic Range). This enhances the contrast and colour of the existing pixels of the TV to create more lifelike images.

TypeTypical ResolutionWorks best With
HD Ready TVs1366 X 768HD Set top box, DVD Player
Full HD TVs1920 X 1080HD Set top box, Blu-ray Player, PS4/XBOX gaming console
Ultra HD (4K) TVs3840 X 21604K Content

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Smart TV – A TV that could connect to various devices (laptop/phone) through technologies like Miracast are know termed as Smart TVs. Smart TVs can connect to the internet as well and supports Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar etc.

3D TV/ Curved TVs – TVs which can play 3D content, which is quite prevalent nowadays, are known as 3D TV.

Passive 3D – Shows 2 different images simultaneously. The design of the glass is such that each eye can see only 1 image. Passive 3D glasses do not require a battery.

Active 3D – Active 3D alternates images between both eyes. These glasses are expensive and require a battery change.

Benefits of Curved TVsLimitations of Curved TVs
Improved immersion as display content 'wraps' around viewer.Need to sit in sweet-spot to get the best viewing experience.
Enhanced sense of Depth 3D-like experience.Direct light sources will cause greater reflection on screen.
Better colour contrast for enhanced viewing experienceMore suited for table-mounting than wall-hanging.

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