Electric shaving guide

Up to 26,000 hair stubbles every morning
  • Myth: shaving speeds up hair growth
What is your beard hair like?
How does electric shaving work?
What is the right type of electric shaver for you?
  • Head and cutting system
  • Myth: skin irritation
  • Handling and ergonomics
  • Adaptability
  • Power supply
  • Myth: battery charging
  • Motor
Special features
  • Long hair trimmer Wet & Dry
  • Active Cooling
  • Sonic Technology
Special features
  • Cleaning
  • Myth: cleaning centers
  • Replacement parts

The guide to electric shaving

"High tech" equipment for men goes beyond mere smartphones and laptops these days. Electric shavers are one of the top gadgets for men. They are ideal for men who like to shave quickly and easily without the risk of nicks or cuts. Here, you can find all you need to know about electric shaving and shavers.
In fact, no two beards are exactly alike. Even on a single face, beard hairs can be of different lengths, diameters, pro- files, growths directions and angles to the skin surface.

Up to 26,000 hair stubbles every morning

Does that sound like a lot? Well, it is. Hair is actually the quickest growing part of our body and beard hair grows at the rate of 0.3 mm per day. That is about 3x the diam- eter of a human hair.

Hair is also extremely tear-resistant: A single strand can hold up to 20kg. The gener- al challenge of shaving is to cut these strong fibers on a jelly-like surface, being hard on the hairs yet gentle on the skin.

Shaving Speeds Up hair Growth and Makes Hair Grow Back Darker or Thicker

Wrong! Visible hair does not contain any living cells. This means that a razor can neither influence the rate of re-growth nor the appearance of the hair.

What is your beard hair like?

Beard Contours
Growth patterns

Great differences can especially be found between the two halves of the shaving area: cheek and neck.

Hairs on the neck grow in many different di- rections. They are more flexible, cling closer to the skin and are thus easier to deflect.

If you compare the shaving process to driving a car, the cheeks could be seen as well-paved motorways while the neck is a bumpy, un- paved road.

How does electric shaving work?

Electric shaving uses the "scissor principle."
This means the beard hair is cut between two cut- ting elements - usually a Foil and a blade, which is called an undercutter.

Electric shavers take advantage of the skin's elasticity to achieve a long-lasting shave. The shaver head applies pressure to the skin.

This causes the skin to bulge a little into the holes of the foil and the hair is pressed upwards. The re- mainders of the hair withdraw back underneath the skin surface once the hair has been cut.

The result: a perfect close shave.

What is the right type of electric shaver for you?

That depends... Here are the most important things to consider when choosing your shaver.

Head and cutting system

There are two basic types of electric shavers: Foil shavers and rotary shavers. Both systems are equipped with a foil that stays in contact with the skin while a blade, the undercutter, moves beneath it. The main difference between the two systems lies in the direction in which the undercutter moves.

The cutter moves in circles under- neath the foil.

The cutter moves from one side to the other in a linear movement.

Active cutting areas
Rotary electric shavers typically have 1-3 rotating circular cutters with slits or holes that work to cut the hair.

Active cutting areas
Foil shavers have 1-5 cutting ele- ments. The most common shaver head setup comprises two or more foils to cut short hairs and 1 middle trimmer to cut longer hairs, like those on a three-day beard.

Foil shavers can be easier to use when defining straight edges like sideburns or to achieve a precise shave in areas like under the nose.

More Efficient Electric Shavers are less kind to the Skin

Actually, the opposite is true. The more efficient an electric shaver is, the fewer strokes it takes to shave away beard growth. In the best-case scenario, the skin does not even have time to get irritated.

Three out of five men say they have sensitive skin. Independent dermatologist organizations may also endorse certain products, including shavers. This can be a reliable indication that a shaver is suitable for sensitive skin.

Handling and ergonomics

Something to think about: How you hold the shaver in-store is different from how you hold it when shaving.


The human face is like a landscape full of curves and contours. There is easy terrain, like paved roads, and difficult terrain, like off-road trails. It is a challenge for any shaving system to maintain close contact with the skin at all times while shaving.

Micro Motion for easy terrain: Fully movable cutting elements can adapt to surface irregularities, which ensures the best possible skin contact.

MacroMotion for difficult terrain: A pivoting shaver head ensures maximum skin contact around larger contours, like the chin and jawbone areas.

A combination of the two, MicroMotion and MacroMotion, ensures the best-possible skin contact for a close and comfortable shave.

Power supply

Don't want to be tied down by a cable? Then battery-powered shavers are just what you need. You are independent of the power supply and can use the shaver anywhere. Most electric shavers will give you a good shave even after a quick, five-minute charge. The benefit of a corded shaver is that you never risk the shaver running out of power.

Most shavers, including all 'Wet & Dry' models, are rechargeable, and for safety reasons can only be used cordless, i.e. not while charging.

Common battery types
Type Energy Density Memory Effectpe Environmental Impact
Ni-Cd Low Yes -(heavy metals)
Ni-MH Medium Yes +
Li-Ion High No +

A Battery Must Always Be Completely Discharged Before Charging

Wrong! Modern Li-Ion batteries no longer suffer from a memory effect and can be charged at any time without risking any negative effect on the battery’s total capacity.


Do you need a racing car or an agile city runabout? You can’t get the whole picture just by looking at the motor. A mo- tor must be considered in the context of the system into which it is built. Think of a car: The same motor might be strong enough to move a small car very well, but barely able to accelerate a really big one.

A linear drive motor delivers constant, high-speed 10,000 oscillations per minute. A bonus of this technology is that the shaver will run at a constant speed until all the rechargeable cells are empty. Some models also offer sonic technology. These models always require a linear drive motor as this helps them to capture more hairs.

A regular rotating motor is slower than a linear drive motor and can slow down as the batteries near the end of their charge.

Special features

Long hair trimmer

Do you like to express your own individual style? Then what you need is a shaver with an additional long hair trimmer. These are perfect for styling beards and sideburns.

An electric trimmer's cutting element consists of two sharpened comb-like blades: The fixed blade has smooth edges on the outside and has been placed forward to avoid any skin discomfort. The moving blade moves sideways very fast relative to the fixed blade.

As the trimmer moves, hairs are caught between the teeth of the comb-like blades. The hair is then cut by the moving blades just like in a pair of scissors.

Wet & Dry

Specialized Wet & Dry models can be used under the shower with foam and gels. Some Wet & Dry shavers have an integrated foam dis- penser. Many men love the combination of the gliding sensation and the gentleness found in an electric shaver. Given how they are used, the shaver must have a fully sealed body. It should be IPX7 tested and thoroughly watertight, ideally up to 5 meters. A rubberized handle will also ensure that the shaver can be gripped easily, even in wet environ- ments. Always read the instructions before introducing the shaver to water, as not all are suitable for use in this way.

Active cooling

Three out of five men have sensitive skin, and active cooling can really make a difference to these people’s comfort when shaving. In active cooling systems (also called Thermo Electric Cooling systems) a cooling bar integrated in the shaving system and linked to a heat pump actively takes heat away from the skin surface and cools the skin down at the press of a button without any lotions or gels. It can help mitigate the typical signs of irritated skin from shaving, like redness or a burning sensation, things that otherwise put many men off shaving as often as they would want to

Sonic technology

Only top-of-the-line shavers feature intelligent sonic technology. This means that the linear drive motor powers up to 10,000 sonic micro vibrations per minute. Sonic technology improves the thoroughness of the shave and helps the shaver to catch more hairs in each single stroke.



Regular cleaning will ensure consistent shaving performance. You can do this manually by brushing or tapping the stubble out.

Waterproof shavers can be rinsed quickly and easily under running wa- ter. This makes them very convenient for daily cleaning. Detach the shaver from the power supply before cleaning the shaver head in water

Cleaning stations are the most convenient way to clean your shaver. Some cleaning stations also charge and lubricate the shaver and are fully automatic, while others require manual addition of cleaning liquids and removal of waste fluids.

A Cleaning Centers Clean the Shavers in a way that is Fully Hygeinic & Effective

Not true! Only cleaning centers that use alcohol-based cleaning fluids can get rid of 99.99% of bacteria, which can also help to avoid skin irritation.

Replacement parts

Only top-of-the-line shavers feature intelligent sonic technology. This means that the linear drive motor powers up to 10,000 sonic micro vibrations per minute. Sonic technology improves the thoroughness of the shave and helps the shaver to catch more hairs in each single stroke.