Scheme - Paytm Loyalty Proposal for Electricity Consumers
OFFER: Paytm Offers special scheme for all Electricity consumers on making their electricity bill payments on Paytm. This scheme is applicable to all consumers who will pay their electricity bills through Paytm App or web during the offer period from 1st March, 2017 to 31st March, 2017. The validity of this offer is for One month and will be applicable on all electricity consumers.
Terms & Conditions
  1. The Offer is valid from 1st March, 2017 to 31st March, 2017.
  2. All the consumers who have made their bill payments on Paytm using Promo-code “PAY2WIN” during the valid offer period will be eligible for this campaign.
  3. One (1) winner will be randomly selected to win an Apple iPhone 7 at the end of Offer Period.
  4. Winner is required to complete all the necessary formalities and share valid documents in order to avail the prize.
  5. The prize will be paid in the form of Cashback (Paytm Cash) of Rs. 60,000 (cost of device) minus all applicable taxes (TDS-30%).
    *Disclaimer: Paytm cash is a semi closed payment instrument and may be used for the purchase of third party products or may be transferred to the person’s bank account.
  6. Paytm will transfer the Cashback amount (equivalent to the prize that consumer has won) in consumer's wallet.
  7. Eligibility for claiming the prize: To be eligible to claim the gratification/s under the Campaign, the winner must have a valid Paytm KYC verified account (as per RBI guidelines). If the Paytm account is not KYC verified, the winner must submit documents for KYC and get his/her account KYC verified before claiming the prize.
  8. Winner will be announced on 4th April, 2017.
  9. Customer can use only one promocode at a time.
  10. Paytm solely reserves the right to withdraw this contest at any time.
  11. Paytm reserves the right to disqualify any transaction from participation in this contest.
  12. Paytm employees and their relatives are not eligible for this offer.

For detailed Terms and Conditions, read more.

iPhone - Winners List
CA number Name Date
9856456000 Ravi Tyagi 20-Apr-16
150025823 Amit 21-Apr-16
101369533 Minaxi Savliya 22-Apr-16
3052147 Devarsh Patel 23-Apr-16
500133689 Sandip Akbari 24-Apr-16
210416005051 Dinesh Swami 25-Apr-16
7647534000 Mangal Gupta 18-Apr-16
3561985000 Venkat Pannala 19-Apr-16
500587626 Anil Lathiya 26-Apr-16
383462000 Shipra 27-Apr-16
151261039 Amit Gupta 28-Apr-16
320225013658 Shrawan Ram 29-Apr-16
60004005538 Bhavishya Chauhan 30-Apr-16
151686224 Niket Shah 10-05-2016
100160793 Monika 6-05-2016
13013042297 Roshan Ali 7-05-2016
410010488145 M Sulaiman 8-05-2016
100109344 Vishal Jain 9-05-2016
85000039718 Aditya Bothra 11-05-2016
210471001143 Ravi Moyal 12-05-2016
31247 Anish Hafizi 13-05-2016
330221004038 Hardik Patel 14-05-2016
60000005003 Hemant Gupta 15-05-2016
100003128 Partap Singh Gupta 16-05-2016
152005530 Sarita Kaurbhambra 17 May to 22 May'2016
7046075499 Ram Manoj 23 May to 29 May' 2016
100109344 Nitya Jain 1 June to 5 June '2016
7209775175 Ramesh 6 June to 12 June '2016
9134168000 Pradeep Kumar Potluri 13 June to 19 June '2016
150894927 Mayur M Pawar 20 June to 26 June '2016
8001021 Nimish Sanghvi 4 July to 10 July '2016
100154039 Pranav Dhingra 11 July to 17 July '2016
8048766000 Manish Agarwal 18 July to 24 July '2016
110113013865 Lakshmikant Kabra 25th July to 31st July '2016
7233001000 Gaurav Lath 1st Aug to 7th Aug '2016
2619464896 Prasanna Kumar 8th Aug to 14th Aug '2016
60018309306 Sachin Jain 15th Aug to 21st Aug '2016
5608886000 Amit Dureja 22nd Aug to 28th Aug '2016
60003241225 Sagar Gupta 29th Aug to 4th Sept '2016
320412000000 Yogesh Kumarsoni 5th Sep to 11th Sept '2016
4078747000 Rakesh Mehra 12th Sep to 18th Sept '2016
2089933 Radhey Shyam Chandak 19th Sep to 25th Sept '2016
3880229111 Shodhan Shetty 26th Sep to 2nd Oct'2016
3381865000 Bimal Auto Agency India Pvt Ltd 3rd Oct to 31st Oct'2016
210521000325 Amit Modi 1st Nov to 30th Nov'2016
3749747000 Raghu R 1st Dec to 31st Dec'16
B16bpht0008 Naveen Garg 1st Jan to 31st Jan'17
n41dsht0009 Vievek Jain 1st Feb to 28th Feb'17
b16bpht0008 Shubham Gupta 1st March to 31st March'17