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Read your Contacts
This gives you ability to pick a number from contacts for a quick recharge or bill payment. Also, helps you send and request money from friends.

This allows us to locally store some data when you are using the app. By doing this, we avoid unnecessary network calls and save your mobile data. It also helps us make your Paytm experience faster and smoother.

Network Communication
This allows your Android phone/tablet to both receive as well as send updates to and from our servers. This is how you do payments and purchases via Paytm. Your data is sent through a secure and encrypted connection.

Your Accounts
To make signing up and/or signing in to Paytm easier, we include options to associate your Paytm profile with your social accounts. We only ever access this information if you choose to opt-in.

Device Information (Allow Paytm to manage and receive calls?)
We use this to know which devices you are using to use Paytm. This is needed for avoiding fraudulent activities on your Paytm Wallet and to provide you the best possible personalised products & offers.

Receive and Read SMS
We take this permission to enhance your Paytm experience by offering you personalized offers and enable quick login & payment experience by auto reading your OTP.

This is needed when you click on Pay to scan the QR code for payment at various shops - both big & small.

To help you show you the list of movies running at cinema halls near you as well as to show you places near you which accept payments via Paytm.

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