Get 50% cashback upto Rs 100 on alternate Uber rides till 15th Oct

  1. Maximum Cashback of upto Rs. 100 on 2 rides (2nd & 4th ride in the offer duration).
  2. Offer is only applicable to customers receiving communication from Paytm via notifications.
  3. Maximum 2 Cashback ride can be redeemed in the offer duration i.e. from 7th October 2017 till 15th October 2017.
  4. Cashback is applicable only on the rides paid with Paytm Wallet
  5. For Eg:-
    • If you take a ride worth Rs. 50, you will get 50% cashback ie. Rs. 25.
    • If you take a ride worth Rs. 200, you will get 50% cashback ie. Rs. 100.
    • If you take a ride worth Rs. 250, you will get a maximum cashback of Rs. 100.
  6. Cashback to be processed within 2 working days.
  7. Mobile number needs to be verified for the eligibility of Cashback.
  8. In partial refund case, Cashback will be rolled back in same proportionate amount
  9. In case of any disputes, the customer needs to get in touch with the merchant/ brand.
  10. RBI mandates that upto Rs. 20,000 can be added in a month to a non-upgraded Wallet. In case you breach these limits, cashback will get added to your Wallet in the next calendar month. In order to allow Cashback to be added earlier, we urge that you request for a Wallet upgrade (available under your profile) at Paytm.com